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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hit a Snag

So I thought that I was getting better, but after my workout today I started having breathing problems...ended up spending most of the night at the hospital. I have bronchitis and they let me come home on the condition that i would not go to curves until better and do nothing but rest.
I am pretty frustrated right now about this. Staying in bed was the last thing that i wanted to do. I am not going to let this stop me from being healthy. It is quite a set back, but I will KEEP MOVING FORWARD!


  1. Listen here missy....you will not be healthy if you don't rest and take it easy until you are better. You could do more harm then good. I have had bronchitis several times and you must rest!!! Don't be hard on yourself, your body is kicking a virus. You will get back to it when you are better! :)

  2. Thanks Jess....I am listening to the docs...taking it easy...I am back to curves, but going slow