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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cinny Update

Wow...it has been a month since I have posted...but so much has been going on! I sick for 3 weeks! When I say sick, I mean S-I-C-K! Even had a trip to the ER...was not fun. I felt better, got back to the gym, and then BOOM! My body decided to do its own thing, once again, and I have been down for another week. I am just now started to be able to walk around the house and hoping to be healed up by thanksgiving time.
Well my weight has leveled off a bit with all of this going on. I am at 442 right now, which I OK. I get weighed again in 2 weeks and am hoping for a few pounds or inches. As long as I have lost something, I will be good. These months will come and go in my life and I can either accept them, or throw a fit and binge on food. I would rather accept them!

With being sick I haven't made too many new recipes let alone take pictures of them. Here is a couple of yummy pictures that I HAVE made this month. Made my famous lasagna, and then a plate of chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin bread. Love, love, LOVE, the first loaf of pumpkin bread for the season....nothing like it!