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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weigh in - Month 9

Well the good news is that I lost another 3 inches....the bad news is that I gained 4 pounds. Now obviously you cant lose inches and gain fat at the same time so most likely it is either muscle or water weight. I was sick for the entire month of November and only made it to the gym 8 times last month. But, this is the start of the new month...only 3 days in, but I have been to the gym every single day.
Today we played football and I outplayed my husband! He had to go sit down and take a break....the only break I took was to use the restroom, but I take water pills...lol.
Sometimes I feel like I am just going back and forth right at that 440 mark and not getting anywhere, but the things I can do now, and without taking a nap is amazing, and feels amazing! Its taking me a bit to get there, but when I hit that 440 mark and am able to be weighed at Curves it will feel sooooo good. Maybe January 1st?