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Friday, April 12, 2013

Never Ending Journey

I saw this image today on facebook.  Such a simple cartoon, yet it fully depicts my life right at this moment.  This journey I have been on with weight loss has been such a struggle.  Its had good moments, great moments, and horrible moments.  That mountain just seems so high and sometimes seems to be getting higher.  But in the end, WILL be worth it all.  Worth all the sweat, pain, and tears.  Trust me, there are plenty of all of those things.

I have been putting off getting weighed and measured for quite awhile, but had no idea it had been since OCTOBER! I just sucked it up and did it the other day and since October I have gained 3 pounds and 1 inch.  I know that doesn't seem like a lot for most people, but for me its unacceptable.  I should have LOST, not gained.  

I am back to the gym on a daily basis, even hit a zumba class the other day.  My diet I cut back even further on the carbs and sodium.  I also started a small part-time job at Lane Bryant.  I really like it and even though my body feels like melting jello, lol, I am glad I took that extra step and put myself out there.

As Dory says..."just keep swimming, just keep swimming...."