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Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Week Review

My first week has gone very well. I have already seen a HUGE change in my arms, stomach, and a couple other places..;). I have not weighed or measured myself yet, and I am not going to for a while. I will do it once a month and that is it. I know a lot of people do it every week, but I feel that is discouraging to me when I work so hard and see little progress. I have a few other friends trying hard to lose weight and they are all succeeding! I am so proud of them and so proud of myself. It is early on in the game, but WE CAN DO IT!!!!!
I have sort of adopted the saying, "Keep moving forward!" No matter how you feel, which I am sick right now, and no matter how many times you mess up and eat that food that is bad for you, you just have to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!!!

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