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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Try, Try Again!

Even though I was able to "maintain" my weight over the holidays, I just haven't been able to LOSE weight in a few months.  Its quite frustrating to me and I decided I needed to examine why this was happening.   There has to be something I am not doing or have stopped doing.  One thing I stopped doing was tracking my food.  That always helped me so much.  I was able to see if I was eating too much or too little for the day.  So I have started tracking my food again using www.sparkpeople.com.  I joined that site a couple of years ago and was steadily losing weight when I used it.
When we are given tools like this to use, we need to utilize them or they go to waste and we get no where.  I am not going to think about the last 6 months, but starting over again.  When you start over, and over, and over, again, I do not see that as failure.  Failure would be giving up all together.  I see it as success in NEVER giving up.  Keep moving forward and try, try again.  There is a saying I like...."I got it on the first try", said no successful person EVER!  It takes multiples tries to succeed and I will eventually get there.