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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frustration Sets In

I am having some reoccurring health problems that started today. Woke up in a tremendous amount of pain and very nauseous. I went ahead to curves and tried to work out...it was a waste of time. I couldn't do very much and it only caused MORE pain. Then I went to the doctor and got no good news there. Not only was results bad, but they once again were pushing the weight loss surgery on me. I understand that they are looking in my best interest, but I was trying to tell them about the GREAT things that I am doing on my own and it didn't seem to matter.
What frustrates me so is that I am desperately trying to turn my health around and every time i get on a roll and get a good handle on things, something happens. I am trying to look to the Lord for help in this matter. For understanding and patience. I know that this is going to keep happening for awhile, but I am trying to see the blessing through all of this. Even though I am in a lot of pain today, I haven't been in almost 2 weeks! Before I started working out this would happen every couple of days or so. Things are improving, but I need much prayer and support from all of you. I don't mind begging for prayer...lol. I am not going to the gym tomorrow and will have to see what Friday brings. I also have a tendency to make bad food choices when i am sick so please pray for me in that area as well.

1 comment:

  1. Praying for you Cindy!! You are doing so great, we all have set backs every now and again. If your body is telling you it hurts or is sick you should listen and take it easy. I am very competitive and will push myself to no end if I need to, but with injuries it tends to just make it worse. And like you said, since you've been working out you haven't been in pain for almost 2 weeks!! That is such a huge accomplishment Cindy. Rejoice in these things!! I a rejoicing this week that I have not had fast food all week, which a huge deal for me.
    I know how you feel about the surgery. My doctor had mentioned it at my last appt and my heart stopped. That's when I realized that I HAVE to get control of this. You can do this Cindy, WE can do this together!! Love you and praying for you daily :)