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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cutting Back

So these are my pills. The smaller pile is one days worth of pills, and the bigger pile is one week. One year ago I was taking 23 pills a day, and now am down to 16 pills. Yes, that is still a lot, but when you are in my health condition, you have to look at it from a different point of view. You have to look at where you use to be and where you are now. I have been feeling so good since I have started Curves and Zumba. I am down to my last narcotic, vicodin. I take one at bed time. Last time I tried to get off of it I woke up every morning in horrible pain. I am going to try going back off of it Sunday night and see how I feel Monday morning. If I can succeed, I will be NARCOTIC FREE!!!! At one point I was taking a mixture of 4 narcotics at a time and even doubling my doses. But I was still in so much pain! So I slowly cut them out. If I can not go off of it yet, I am sure that I will soon. There are so many more meds I would like to cut back but can not yet. Once I get my insurance in September I will discuss this more with my doctor and hopefully cut out quite a few. Please pray for me as I do this...I will need it

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