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Friday, June 17, 2011

Pizza, YES! PIZZA!

Anyone can tell you that pizza is not the healthiest of choices, especially if you are ordering it. I make a healthy version that I have posted on here before, but still filled with carbs.
In the past when we (being David and I) would order pizza, we would end up spending $30-$40! That usually consisted of 2 large stuffed crust fully loaded, a double order of bread sticks, and either a dessert or a side of wings. Then we would top all of that with some ice cream afterwards! Whew! I am getting nauseated just THINKING about it!
Well tonight we decided on pizza. When I went to order it, I look at the total and it said the normal amount, around $30. Then I thought about those extra pounds I WOULDNT be losing, and how swollen my stomach would get, and that I would be sick for 2 days. I just couldnt do it. I ended up ordering a medium ONE topping pizza, light sauce, and 2 salads! Total was $16!!! We went to the church to clean and ate before. We were both full, AND satisfied. AND, NO ICE CREAM!
It is so exciting to see the progress we are both making. It is a HUGE issue for us to tell each other no when we are both craving the same thing, which is ALL THE TIME! We are finally starting to overcome these problems and I am not just excited for me, but to see my husband trying to get himself in shape. He has been getting up at 5am, early before work, and going on a mile walk with me. Then he goes to work and I go to the gym. Praise God that He is showing us mercy through this. If you have ever had a weight problem, whether big or small, you KNOW how difficult it is to not only lose weight, but eat right, exercise, portion control, etc. Please keep us in your prayers....:)

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