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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fitness Challenge - 1

Tomorrow (Monday) I start my first fitness challenge. I am VERY excited about this. Here is the challenge. For every person who "liked" my post on FB, I will walk a block for them. Not only will I walk for them, but I will pray for ONLY them the WHOLE block!
I have 41 people signed up for the challenge, which equals 14 miles. I usually walk 5 to 6 miles a week so this WILL be a challenge! I am breaking it into 5 days, 8 blocks a day, walking two extra blocks on one day. I broke this into 5 days instead of 6 or 7 because Sundays are hard already on me physically, and if I end up not able to workout one day this week because of pain or being sick, I can make it up on Saturday! On top of this I will be doing my normal 6 day workout at the gym.
Also, at the end of this week is my weigh and measure day. Hopefully hitting -50 pounds this month! AND as long as I can make it to the gym every day, I will have my 100th workout!

Day 1
Kris Stephens
Ashley Woodson
Dwight and Pam Lindholm
Sheryl Toscano
Penny Diehl
Manda Keane
Lexi Hicks
Cheryl Moyer Flowers

Day 2
Sherrie Beaumont
Sarah Matthews Reynolds
Katie Rowe
Lynn Mikula Bailey
Ronda Caracci
Heidi Strong Mitzelfeldt
Pamela Pulliam Pousson
Crystal Blackman

Day 3
Jessica Luce
Katie Powell (2 blocks! Praying one block for her, one block for her husband and armed forces)
Stephanie Moss Perrette
Becka Losingitwithrebeccalapband
Nancie Renee West
Kymberleigh Hawes Chavez
Kimberly Holmes Bush

Day 4
Paula Riesberg
Jenelle Stokes
Christa Peterson
Lisa-Ann Hicks
Angel Anna
Janice Vaughn
Andrea Towles Dautrich
Ashley Davis-Britner
Juanita Idel

Day 5
Ken Cunningham
Erin Evans Akey
Slimming Kathy
Pastor Farren Mathena
Donna Potts Weir
Jennifer Dionne
Addlie Dionne
Tina Fitbound
Hannah Purcell

1 comment:

  1. I have to add Len Helen Edwards onto the list!