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Friday, May 6, 2011

Smart Machines - Day 1

I started using the smart machines at Curves today. It REALLY gives you a better workout. I use the same machines I did before, but I have a key card that goes into each machine. There is a green light that you concentrate on. If you go too slow it turns yellow, if you go too fast the green light blinks. It is a bit hard to keep the green light solid, but after a bit I will get use to the range of motion and do better at it.
After you are done with the workout, you go back over to the computer, and it tells you how you did. It will tell you the areas you did great, and the areas you need to improve on, and even tells you how many calories you burned! I am really excited about it. Even though today was the first day and I probably didn't get the best workout in, i already got a better workout than ever before. There is no one to distract me by talking or holding me up. I go at my own pace and I am loving it!

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