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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!?!?

Happy Mother's Day! Even though this day is solely made up by the card companies to make more money, we still use it to celebrate our mothers. We should show them all the time how much they truly mean to us. To the left is a picture of my mom, sister Katie, and me at my mom's wedding in 2003. I received a call from my mom today telling me that she should be celebrating ME because she is the one that was blessed the day I was born. I am so blessed to be given a loving, caring, praying, God fearing mother.
For me Mother's Day never brings anything good. I usually have to force myself to go to church that day. Year after year, I am the only married woman in the church without kids and year after year I have to sit there and be reminded of it. This year I have nursery and am so glad. Today was the mother/daughter prayer tea at our church. I did not go. I had planned on it, but the people I had invited to go with me could not. So once again, that would leave me sitting there all by myself. I didn't have a mother to take (David's mother and step mother wouldn't go with me) and I don't have a daughter to take. Last year I enjoyed myself and had a friend with me, but still everyone kinda just stayed with their families and guests. I was NOT about to be the odd ball sitting in the corner. I promised my mom that I would not let this get to me this year and I feel the only way to accomplish that at this time is to simply avoid it.

This is just some of the many reasons it is important for me to lose the weight. It is no secret that I want a baby. But this day just makes things worse. I go through all kinds of emotions and usually end up eating something i shouldn't. The harder I work, the faster I will get to my end point.

If you are a mother, count your blessings. Those times that you just need a "mommy moment" as people call it, or your kids are driving you crazy and you want them out of your hair, stop and think, what if I didn't have them at all? Who would you be without your kids? Where would you be without your kids? I know a person who is so blessed in her life with a wonderful family and all she can do is complain about them. Drives me CRAZY! God blesses you in ways you don't realize and all you can do is complain, how selfish.

Stepping away from the baby subject before i really get going...lol.... none of our mothers are perfect and you may not be blessed in the way that i am with my mom, but you can still be thankful for her. After all, if it wasn't for her, YOU WOULDN'T BE HERE!

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