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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Garlic Tilapia

Tonight I made garlic tilapia.  I am trying to eat more fish and it is quite a challenge for me.  I am NOT a fish person!  But it is good for me, good for my diet, and I dont want to eat as much of it...lol.  I went very simple with this one.  It is simply a nice fresh piece of tilapia, seasoned with Mrs. Dash.  To lower my sodium intake I have been using Mrs. Dash.  The only one that I really like is the garlic version.  It gives it a great flavor without all of the sodium or added calories.  There is no breading on it so you can have carbs elsewhere.   I fixed with it a beef rice and in preparation for the upcoming holidays, green bean casserole.  For the fish I cooked it at 400 for 30 minutes and it was cooked beautifully!

Pray for me in my weight struggle.  It is an everyday fight to eat right and exercise.  Ive been having motivation problems in the exercise department.  I seem to always find an excuse.  I dont want to give myself excuses and I am my own worst enemy.  Please help with some motivation.  I try to motivate as much as possible because thats what we have each other for.  One day I am sure you will get some in return. :) 

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