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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cravings and Websites

This past week I ended up having a HORRIBLE craving. But instead of telling you about it, I will give you a link. A newly acquired friend of mine has an excellent website, www.antigurufitness.com. He helped me through the craving by not just encouraging me, but making a deal to write about me on his website if I overcame the craving and we both held up our end of the bargain. Here is the direct link to the article about me www.antigurufitness.com/?p=47. I did later this week eat something I should not have, but it was NOT a craving, just a bad choice. Today is a new day and we move on! KEEP MOVING FORWARD! I invite you to check out his website and explore it!


  1. You and Ben both have awesome things going! I'm so glad I found you - let your light shine girlfriend!!!

  2. I will look at his website. I hope you do well controlling those cravings. I find that I still have them. Or go with impulse. Really, I need to see the big picture and forget the brownies on the plate. Linda