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Monday, April 4, 2011

Weigh In - Month 1

Well this month has been CRAZY with bad health. I was out for a week with bronchitis, and then this past week has been nuts. We went with what the scale last said, even though I believe it is incorrect. So the scale says I have lost 4 pounds. Was a little down about it because I was wanting it to be a higher number, I feel like it should be higher. But then I got measured. I have lost over 12 inches total body! I was so surprised!
There is a lot that I am trying to keep in mind. First of all, I was sick 2 out of 4 weeks. Secondly, muscle weighs more than fat. And also, that it took me 28 years to get to this condition, and it is not going to change over night.
At curves, they measure your success in feet. Every 12 inches or pounds you lose you get another foot with your name on the wall. I got my first foot in my first month! I do not think many people do that! So all in all I am quite pleased with myself...:)

1 comment:

  1. yyyaahhoooo!!!! go Cindy go Cindy go Cindy!!!!