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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Say No to Surgery!

For a few years now I have gone in and out of having the process of a gastric bypass. Even went through a 6 month pre-op program. My weight has gone up, down, up, down, no matter what I did. I think that I may have FINALLY found something that actually works though. I am only in my second month, but having nice results and feeling great.
I have some friends that have had the surgery, or the lap band, and when I see their posts about how much weight they have lost, I DO get jealous, but then my brain goes, "THEY CHEATED!" lol Now I dont know if I actually feel that way, but you have to understand, there is a HUGE difference in losing weight by diet and exercise, and losing weight by having surgery. Doing it the natural way takes so much more time, patience, and discipline.
I see the way they have to eat and then sometimes cant eat at all....throwing up all the time, wondering if they can swallow this bite of food, wondering if they can drink HOURS after eating. I dont want that for myself. What I am doing now makes me feel so wonderful. If this works, I am sticking to it!
I get my insurance back in September, and I have to decide then if I am going to have the surgery or not. It all depends on what my results have been up to that point. This has been on going for 4 years now, and I feel that if God wanted me to have this surgery, it would have happened by now, but I am still praying about it. Please pray with me!

1 comment:

  1. Praying for you Cindy! My last diabetes check up my Dr. mentioned gastric bypass to me and I almost passed out. No way!! I still think about it often and am nervous that at my next check up he will mention it again. I don't know why but I have never wanted it and I know I can do this the old fashioned and healthy way. I am with you my love!!