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Sunday, December 2, 2012

NOT Waiting For The New Year! (Fitness Challenge December 2012)

Last month I was able to hit my latest goal of being able to be weighed on the scale at the gym.  It took me MONTHS to get there, bouncing up and down in a 10 pound area.  That shouldn't have happened. Yes, there were stresses in my life, sickness and other things, but the more excuses I come up with the farther from my other goals I get.
A lot of people say, "Ill just make it through the holidays, and start new after January 1st".  That's not the attitude to have.  That's giving ourselves permission to overeat on the holidays, and then we have an extra 10 pounds to get rid of.  And if we all kept our new years resolution, we wouldn't have to RE-make it EVERY YEAR!  I am NOT waiting for New Years!  It is the beginning of the month, and I am making it count.  Excluding Sundays and holidays, I have 22 chances to workout at Curves this month.  I am determined to make it to at least 18 of those.  I will go on at least 20 walks this month, and I will leave the last 2 bites of every meal on my plate.  There are other small things I plan on doing, but I need to get back to where I was. There was a point last year where it was a daily routine and it didn't matter what was going on, a workout and walk were just as important to me as anything else in my day and that's gonna happen again!
It will take determination, motivation, and support from all of you!  I can say I have a huge support system in place and thank God for those who push me! Thank you!  I will update how I am doing half way through the month!

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