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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Tease

As you can see I have not posted in my blog for awhile.  Besides being sick for over a week, I have just not been pulling my weight, no pun intended, when it comes to my fitness.  I have been avoiding getting weighed and measured, and apparently I have been avoiding my blog because I have nothing good to report.  Now I do.  I am back at the gym, and back into the swing of things.  I do not want to use "lack of motivation" as an excuse, but it was definitely there.
Winter is hard to get through physically.  I am always afraid of falling, the cold can be painful for my body at times, and its just gloomy and makes me not want to do anything.  The other day we had our first spring teaser.  It was gorgeous out and the second I woke up, all I wanted to do was go outside.  So I headed straight for the gym.  It has only been a couple days, but every day I have woke up WANTING to go to the gym.  As soon as it gets just a little bit warmer it will be nice enough to take Sayuri to the park, which we both love.
I hope this is the start of a new motivation.  I need to just do it and keep moving forward! I will be weighing and measuring the first week of April no matter what.  I am hoping to see good results and that I will finally get to my my ticker in the upper left corner of my blog.  Its been quite awhile since it has moved.

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