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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Next Goal Completed!!!!!

i have been trying to hit my next goal for quite some time now.  you could even say i have been stuck in a rut.  i have not weighed myself in almost two months from fear of not hitting my goal.  its the goal of being able to use the scale at curves.  it only goes up to 440 and 505 being my highest i have had to drive all the way to my doctors to weigh in.  the past few weeks i have been under a lot of stress and have really struggled with my food and exercise.  my back and neck have been hurting and i have had no energy so i gave myself excuses, but these things were happening BECAUSE i wasnt going to the gym.  last night, since we have no vehicle right now, we walked to the nearest grocery store, about a mile.  i felt like i was gonna die when i got home!  i told myself, no more excuses.  in the morning i was going to the gym, i was gonna workout, and i was gonna get weighed and measured.  i was so nervous this morning when i got the i started balling.  i thank the Lord for Michelle Mory, owner of curves.  she is more than the owner, she is a dear friend who comforts me in anytime i need it.  so i step on the scale, and it actually gave us a reading!  441!!!! i was hoping for a lower number, but ill take it!  so thats 1.5 pounds down.  time to measure!  i wasnt expecting any change since i hadnt been to the gym in a week, but i lost another 2.5 inches!!!!  this has given me the motivation i needed to get back on track and discover even bigger losses!  we all go through these rough times.  i didnt handle this one very well, but thats why its important to take it all one day at a time and keep moving forward!.

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