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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It has been awhile. I have gotten away from my blog for a bit and am really having a hard time getting back into it. I have a few recipes to post. I got a bunch of nice recipe books for Christmas and my birthday and cant wait to try them out.
I have not been weighed yet for the month of January. I have had so many health problems in the last month or so I feel like I have really gotten away from the gym. I am back now and going strong. The biggest loser has the theme this season as "NO EXCUSES"! I have to definitely adopt that this year. So now, I examine what I have accomplished in 2011. I lost 65 pounds, over 30 inches, and I went down from a 6x to a 4x!!! I have a lot of people who say, I wish I could say that, but you can! It takes time. We didn't get this way overnight. It took me 28 years to get to this size. I cant wait to see what 2012 holds in store for not just me, but all of my weight loss friends and family.

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